15 years


Welcome At My Whisk(e)y Minibottle Collection Web Site

My name is Maik from Stuttgart in Baden-Wuerttemberg / Germany / Europe / World.
I'm collecting originally sealed whisk(e)y mini bottles for a long time and I'm always
interested in people all over the world sharing their leisure time with the same hobby.
To get more information about and see almost all pictures of my collection of exactly
2895 whisk(e)y minibottles please click on "The Collection" or the picture below.

I would like to thank my friends and my worldwide trading partners
for helping me expanding my collection to what it is today -
"a small but nice looking collection of whisk(e)y minibottles":

... Volker W. (GER) who fortunately always remembers me and my collection
on his stops at all the international airports worldwide
(he's collecting only the big bottles ... slainthe :-)
... Peter G. (GER): who brought me some bottles from further trips (but I
guess there are no more long trips in the near future ;-)
... Thomas K. (GER): thinking to my collection on his last trip to the US
(Hi Thomas - do it again, please, perhaps in Scotland :-)
... Andreas S. (GER): who is yet disintegrating his collection of blends and
who would like to expand the collection of malts.
... Uli S. (GER): one of the few women (I know) sharing this hobby
and a very interesting mailing partner in the past.
... Kazuo Y. (JAP): my first international trading partner and my pattern for
a very fast growing whisky collection - respect, man !
... Tom K. (JAP): my first man in Japan - an inexhaustible source for very
nice looking miniature bottles, esp. Japanese whiskies.
... Miguel B. (ESP): the man with an interesting collecting background and
who is always good for some new and nice minibottles.
... George E. (USA): my man in the US, the best address for all available
straight bourbons and many other nice minibottles.
... Nicos Z. (CYP): never heard before that original Cyprus whiskies are
available - everyday man learn new things !
... Felipe P. (ARG): my man in south America (Argentinia), a very good
address for interesting whiskies from over there.
... David S. (NZ): a trading partner from "the other side of the world"
(the most distant point from Germany is New Zealand).
... Fred G. (BRA): another collector from south America (Brazil) who is
able to get some nice whiskies, especially from Brazil.
... Manuel V. (ESP): another collector in Spain (Granada) who got for me
some very nice minibottles esp. nice variants.
... Manoel N. (BRA): again a collector from Brazil (seems to be that many
minibottle collectors live over there in south America ... ;-)
... Mario R. (GER): after a long time there's now contact to a collector from
Germany - great ! Hope to hear from others out there !
... Udaya B. R. (IND): a general minibottle collector and a really great souce
for all kind of beautiful (whisky)minibottles from India.
... Schallie V. S. (SA): a general minibottle collector beginner from South Africa
and my only swaping partner on the African continent.
... Jose F. E. (COL): another general minibottle collector (about 2000 items)
from south America (Columbia).
... Takamasa M. (JAP): another collector friend from Japan helping me updating
the little Asian part of my collection.
... Seppo T. (EST): a whisky & cognac collector from Estonia who traded with
me some of my very long-time-searched whisky minis.
... Leon T. (NL): a whisky collector friend from the Netherlands who
provided me nice updates for my collection.
... and many more: thanks to all my other trading partners all over the world.
Let's swap again soon some nice miniature bottles ;-)